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Curriculum planning

Curriculum description
In response to the critical need for skilled professionals in Information Management, the Master's Program in Information Management has been designed to provide opportunities for professional growth in this rapidly changing field. The program provides a balance between practical, up-to-date applications-oriented content, and a strong theoretical framework for continued learning and growth. The program contains a rich blend of information technology, business administration, and methodology and decision science courses. There is also ample flexibility to allow individual students to emphasize areas of particular interest.
The Master of IM(InformationManagement) requires 31credits for graduation. The curriculum is composed of two groups of courses: core courses and elective courses. In order to provide a learner-centered curriculum, only three courses (8 credits) are designed as core courses and more than twenty-five elective courses are offered for students to fulfill their career goals and research interests. To publish at least one paper in conferences or Journals is a requirement for graduation.
Curriculum description
The Information Management Department (IM) offers a challenging and rewarding information system and management science academic program that is at the cutting edge of real-world information technology applications.
The Bachelor of MIS requires 136 credits for graduation. The curriculum is composed of five groups of courses: 34 credits for general education courses, 20 credits College of Business core courses, 48 credits for MIS department core courses, and 34 credits for elective courses. Students need to complete at least 20 credits in one of the following two programs: (1) program for software development, C&C (Computer and Communication) and Security, (2) program for Enterprise e-Application and Management.